What are the different uses of stanchions?

Stanchions are used in almost environment that a person can think of and come in many different sizes, strength and shapes. Stanchions are key to a successful crowd control situation. They can be found in about every store with a checkout line, airports, malls, etc. Even though stanchions are used quite commonly, people are still not aware of such important tool.

Stanchions can be any type of post, rope or barricade that is used to keep people or traffic organized in a specific area. They range in price from very cheap to very expensive, depending on the style and size you choose. The most common ones that are used are retractable belt stanchions that are found on airports. With lines as crazy as they are at the airport, if you fly, you probably have spent more time looking at a stanchion than you might think. Like other forms of stanchions, retractable belts are also available in many different styles. You have your most common floor standing which are typically 3 inch to 4 inch tall and have a fabric material wrapped up in the top of the post that can be pulled out anywhere from 7 inch to 50 inch and has a plastic piece on the end that connects to either another post or a wall mounted receiving end.

Some common post finishes are black, polished or satin chrome, aluminium and brass. The belt color itself is typically offered in your most common colors for instance red, black, blue, green, and yellow and a few more. You can pull this belt out to the desired length and when you are done, you give it a tug and it will automatically retract back into the top of the post.

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