Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru Manga Review

While the overall plot as mentioned above seems awesome and it is, this Manga isn’t for audience below 18 as it comes under the genre “Seinen.” The Manga is about a weak   willed and coward primary character who transfers from Gymnastic club to Karate club so that he can become strong enough to protect his friends and beloveds.

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Phase 01 – Stage one in the Manga shows the training of our Chief character Minoru, and how strong he becomes at a constant pace. Also what type of adversity he faces, That Is one of the most exciting period of the Manga as we find all figures including our Principal character grow. The purpose to do and prove something definitely comes out of the Manga itself. Kohinata Minoru’s first Karate evaluation and championship event, His first opponent and match with his rival which leads him to loss and how he grows from that. His perfect sense in the area of fighting styles make him grow stronger than ever! and all the    adjustments that Minoru goes through are fascinating to see and examine.

Phase 02 – The 2nd stage is a little serious where we get to see Minoru and friends got in some lethal problems that involves firearms and other weapons. This all occurs when Minoru and his pals went for training camps to “Okinawa” since Okinawa is also known as the birthplace of Karate, We find Minoru and his buddies learning something significant together with growing steadily.

Whereas alternatively we also see Minoru becoming involved in underground fights where he must fight a dangerous man which Minoru is frightened to fight and Mutou (Another character) has to come and save him. Which results in a bit of letdown. Since in stage o1 we see Minoru developing stronger and determined and as it pertains to actual fight where you practically need to kill your opponent where he and his friends being in risk, Minoru is frightened as hell where he can’t proceed.

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At that time I was like “C’mon guy, you’re learning Karate to protect and instead you’re becoming scared, if you’re like this who the hell will protect your pals.”

Since Mutou (Another character) comes and saves him, however he also offers him a lecture that will be worthy for readers too

“When somebody being ‘in-human’ to you and your friends, to cease that someone you have to become stronger! Remember shielding someone in actual fight means becoming ready to destroy or to be killed, working away like a coward won’t conserve you!”

Phase 03 – In phase three Minoru continues his training and grows, We see another Karate tournament but this time on some great level which includes some incredible great fights which is something you guys should must read. We also get to see the some dark story of pasts of some characters which is quite interesting and makes the Manga an awesome read. Then slowly the story moves to “Knock outs” arc where our characters will fight in professional and international world from small college tournaments.

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